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Formed In 1982 to acquire and manage residential and commercial rental properties. Successfully acquired, renovated, and managed hundreds of properties, including single-family homes and both large and small apartment buildings. Providing Property Management Services to eleven New Jersey partnerships. Highly experienced in all aspects of property management, including rehabilitation of distressed properties, make-readies, leasing, rent collection, clearing violations, eliminating health and safety hazards, and dealing with government and regulatory agencies.

Entered commercial property management in 1987. Currently, manage several new Jersey partnerships and corporations with well over a million feet of leased space. Annual rent collected exceeds four million dollars. Became court-appointed rent receiver in 2009 specializing in management and rehabilitation of physically and financially distressed investment properties.


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Ronald L. Rubinson

Graduated from Temple University with a degree in electronics. Worked over 30 years in the computer engineering field. Partnered with Stephen F. Frankel in 1977 to acquire, rehab, and manage residential rental properties as director of development and maintenance operations.

Stephen F. Frankel

Over forty years of experience in the insurance industry in various financial management and executive roles. Partnered with Ronald L. Rubinson In 1977 to acquire and manage residential rental properties. Provided support in the areas of acquisition, sales, planning, and finance.

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Dimitri Costiuc 

Project & Maintenance Manager. Graduate Engineer. Joined F&R in 2010. Prior to the owner of his own construction company in Brooklyn, NY from 2000 to 2010.


Has certification in HVAC. Deep knowledge in the electrical field, plumbing, roofing, and construction. Oversees & Manages all work.

Teresa Balaks

Leasing agent - 20 years experience in commercial & Residential evictions.


Specializes in Rent Collections, Lease renewals, Invoicing for tenant and property Owners, Credit Check, Inspect Properties, Interaction with tenants, and Customer service.

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Carole Medica

Carole coming from an accounting background has been with F&R for close to 30 years in accounting and finance functions. She is the office manager who oversees all aspects of client activity and legal documents.

Bonnie Rubinson

38 years in the insurance field. 24 years of successful experience as owner of her own insurance company and Real Estate Company. Attended Brooklyn College, College of Insurance, ST, John University. Licenced Insurance Broker State NY, NY. Licenced R/B Broker NY State, NY.


Joined F&R when she married Ron Rubinson in 2009. Working in Property Management area. Generating new clients. Sales Planning and Forecasting.

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Gene Olson

Independent electrical contractor since 1996. Joined F&R in 2018 as a separate division.

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